Bernard Appassamy



I trained in Visual Communications at the Sydney College of the Arts, and worked as a graphic designer and teacher. Now I write short stories and stitch paper.

In 2009, in the year leading up to my 50th birthday, I found myself asking the usual big questions. What is Humanity? What does it mean 'to be human'?

I started a paper sculpture on the medical professions and the idea of sacredness in a secular society. This first artwork – 'Sacred Hands' – led to a second project – 'Life Codes: Pink and Blue' – examining funeral directors and Death & Dying.

I saw then the potential to develop a series of works investigating the secular professions that touch our lives at key moments between birth and death.

Along the way, I will also consider themes of identity, and memories about Mauritius, where I grew up.

Last year I completed 'Constellation of Endearment' using all the greeting cards I had received over the past twenty five years. This year I am again turning to my personal archives to look at psychotherapists and the process of psychotherapy.

Bernard, June 2017