Bernard Appassamy



Chairs of the Mind
Now on display in a Sydney clinic

In periods of crisis, how do we process emotional pain? Who do we turn to for help, healing and hope?

Psychotherapy offers a range of psychological techniques in predominantly one-on-one sessions. Through dialogue, therapist and client explore developing self-awareness and positive mental health, making life changes, and resolving psychosocial and other issues.

To me, psychotherapists are secular healers of the mind. They propose the ‘talking cure’ in a sacrosanct space free of moral judgement.

My origami therapy chairs are folded from my therapist’s handwritten notes, as well as my personal journals, correspondence and journal articles. Each chair captures the content and duration of a single session. The doll’s house references the repetitive nature of psychotherapy and the significance of childhood markers.

This work is a tribute to a profession rooted in empathy and discretion.

148 x 106 x 10 cm

Psychotherapy notes, correspondence, journal articles, perspex, balsa wood, and glue.

Perspex grid
Wayne Scales and Johnny Tesoriero from FX Plastics

Felicity Jenkins

With thanks to:
- Michael Armstrong, Charlie Ellis, Adrian Jollow, and Michael Mullins.
- the Sydney BAG (Book Art Group): Barbara Bartlett, Julie Bookless, Cathie Edlington, Lisa Giles, Avril Makula, Gary Smith, Cindy Tonkin, and Sandra Winkworth
- John Bushell, Annie Damelet, Liese Howard, Paul Smole, Sue Paull, and Themistos Themistou.